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Volunteer Group to Support Dalton’s Pharmacy

The Dickens Heath Covid-19 Community Support Group has been set up by the Parish Council and the Library and we hope to support our community through this very difficult time.

We heard that Dalton’s Pharmacy are expecting a huge increase in requests for home delivery of prescriptions to self isolating residents. They are a small team and will be unable to cope with this. An appeal was posted on the Support Group Facebook page and we have been completely blown away by the numbers of residents willing to help. We are contacting volunteers today with a view to setting up a group as of next week. If we don’t contact you in the first instance then please accept our apologies – we massively appreciate every offer.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/222609268853367/?source_id=731068140303315Dickens Heath Covid-19 Community Support Group

Helen Marczak's photo.