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Dickens Heath in Bloom

Update 19th May 2017 …..

There was an SMBC planter which was in bad condition and we understood would need to be disposed of. We asked Elegant Homes if they could assist with the disposal and also with relocation of other planters.

Elegant Homes kindly agreed to relocate the planters and will attempt to repair, as best possible, the damaged planter which will then be positioned to a new unobtrusive position on the car park area at the rear of Mortons where it will be maintained privately.

Elegant Homes will also tidy up and reseed the public area adjacent to where the damaged planter originally stood. Parish Councillors will tidy up the areas where the other relocated planters originally stood as well as the wood-chipped location of the damaged planter. Later we hope to plant up this spot with suitable shrubs and turn a promising eyesore into something more pleasant.

The Parish Council Group and resident volunteers will undertake planting and repainting of the remaining eight ex-SMBC planters from week commencing 5th June.

Various new planters around the Garden Square East Development purchased by Elegant Homes will be delivered mid-June and their landscape architect is liaising with Plantscape on the colour scheme and the Parish Council project.

Elegant Homes display around Garden Squares East and Main Street will be planted out by their contractors Fairways, who will liaise on a complimentary colour scheme with our hanging basket supplier Plantscape. There will be new balcony planters and footway planters; these will remain in permanent situ. The planters around Garden Squares will be retained as part of the privately managed area. Future management of the additional planters outside of Garden Squares will be handed over to the Parish Council.

In the meantime the Dickens Heath Management Company have arranged for the trees around Mortons/Main Street to be shaped and pruned on 8th June.

The building screen along Main Street and Rumbush Lane will be taken down and new planters will be in place around mid-June.

We hope the usual Parish Council display of hanging baskets will be as splendid as it was last year and will promote the Dickens Heath in Bloom project.

The Parish Council encourage community support in this worthwhile project which is intended to brighten up and establish pride in your Dickens Heath.

We especially need some help with the repainting of the older planters which are  looking a bit sad at present. If you would like to help please email.. dickensheathpc@hotmail.com or speak directly to Helen our Parish Clerk on  07772469271

Finally the Parish Council are hoping that the Dickens Heath in Bloom project will progress into a really positive community fuelled initiative. We want as many residents as possible to join us in making your Dickens Heath a beautiful pleasant place to live and somewhere you can be proud of. If you share our vision don’t hold back. Many hands make light work! Just half an hour here and there can make a difference. Together we can sort it!                                                                                                                         ………………………………………