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Council Information

Dickens Heath Parish Council is one of four new parish councils created following the abolition of the former Hockley Heath Parish Council on 31st March 2009. The four new parish councils that were subsequently formed were Dickens Heath, Cheswick Green, Hockley Heath and Tidbury Green.

Parish Councils are the most local level of government in England. Dickens Heath Parish Council is independent of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, but works closely with them. The Parish Council meets monthly for 11 months of the year with an additional annual meeting for the residents.

In its first year the new Parish Council has:

· Managed the transition to having our own Parish Council so that every penny we raise can be spent to the benefit of local residents.

· Funded additional litter collections on the main roads of the village following concerns from residents regarding the amount of litter.

· Worked with Solihull MBC to plant trees in Dickens Heath to discourage parking on grass verges and to improve the appearance of the main route through the village.

· Made donations to local community groups including the Scout Group.

· Represented the views of local residents on police, council, transport and other working parties.

Future aims of the Parish Council include:

· Developing facilities for our youth and senior citizens. We would like to hear from residents with ideas who would be interested in helping to develop events and activities.

· Supporting the fledgling gardening club in Dickens Heath.

· Funding the planting out of several of the traffic islands in Dickens Heath and hanging baskets to decorate the village in the summer.

· Contributing to additional facilities in the Dickens Heath Nature Reserve.

· Making donations to community events including the Picnic on the Green.

· Progressing the ‘Stop the Drop’ litter campaign which was initiated with a poster competition in partnership with Dickens Heath School.

· Keeping local residents informed about our work through regular updates and a dedicated website to seek your views on what our priorities should be.