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Bring a bag for your rubbish when spending time outdoors.

Are you planning on spending time outdoors? Play your part in helping to keep our environment clean and litter-free: bring a bag to take your rubbish home with you to throw away or recycle. Don’t leave rubbish next to a full bin. Litter ruins our great outdoors by harming our wildlife and polluting our waters. Remember, bins aren’t always available outdoors, especially in the countryside

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Reopening of Playground

Dickens Heath PC has not yet reopened the playground, but we are aware that it is being used again. We will therefore endeavour to officially reopen it tomorrow, Monday July 6th. No inspections have been done during lockdown, and so this is our first priority – to ensure that it is safe to use. The Parish Council has completed a Covid-19 risk assessment, and appropriate signage will be erected – some temporarily while permanent signs are ordered. Dickens Heath PC have taken a pragmatic approach – we know that residents and children are desperate to see it reopen. It will not be feasible for us to clean the equipment daily, provide cleansing facilities, nor to provide supervision. We are relying on all of our residents to be responsible, follow current health advice and that on the signs, and keep everyone safe. Thank you

Update on Reopening of Playground

The Government has announced that playgrounds can reopen from July 4th onwards – but this is only if they are ‘covid-19 safe’. The Parish Council is awaiting guidance from SMBC on a covid-19 risk assessment and appropriate signage. We cannot therefore confirm a date for its reopening. We are sorry if this is disappointing – but our insurance company has advised that ‘risk assessments may lead to the decision not to reopen play areas if we cannot ensure that we can provide safe play equipment’

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