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Village Christmas Tree

You may have noticed that the village Christmas tree is now up and decorated. It is in a new location on the Village Green with a new low volt mains power supply, new lights and with decorations made by children at Dickens Heath School.The tree has been provided by the Parish Council, and we would like to thank all the volunteers who helped to get the tree in place, to the Village Hall committee and to the Community Church group for their support this year. Thank you also to the Tickner family who added the children’s decorations on Saturday.Appreciation also goes to the LAYCA Community Association for lending us the scaffolding tower and working on the tree, plus Barrie the truck owner who provided the transport. And not forgetting Parish Councillor Trevor Eames who has worked so hard co-ordinating everything.We will miss the usual official switch on this year, along with the carol service in the Village Hall, mince pies and refreshments. Hopefully our usual festivities will all be back in 2021.