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Coronavirus Government Support Link for Vulnerable Residents

We are circulating the Government Link to Register individuals who are the most vulnerable for support and assistance.Most elderly folk in their 70’s are on medication for one reason or another for an underlying health risk and while many are fortunate to have family or other support in place a large number will need community help.Government are collecting information to enable support to be forthcoming via various agencies for the most vulnerable during the current period of crisis which is likely to go on for a while before things return to normal.The registration can be made online by individuals or others on their behalf remembering many older residents do not have access to the internet and will need help with this.Again the advice to all is not to take risks and to stay in your own home and avoid contact as much as possible even with family members that are not living in your household.Keep in touch by Email or other social media and give elderly friends and family a phone call for a chat from time to time especially those who may live alone.