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West Midlands Police Summer Demand

The sun’s out at last! We really hope you are enjoying the weather.

It’s also running hot on the phone lines here, as we are getting more calls for help. With the easing of restrictions, warmer weather and increased drinking, we expected to be busy but here’s how you can help us.

If you need our help and it’s not an emergency it’s quick and easy to web chat us online – you will normally get help in less than three minutes.

To do this just log onto our website – www.west-midlands.police.uk and select Live Chat. Our website is also a  great one stop shop to find out about a wide range of services, from how to report a shed break-in to how to deal with being stalked online.

We know some people still really want to talk to us on the phone, even if it’s not an emergency. You can still call us on 101, but at busy times it can take a little longer to answer your call. So please bear with us or try online.

If it is an emergency – the crime is happening right now or someone’s life is in danger – don’t hesitate to call 999 for immediate help.

Thank you for supporting us through this busy time, have fun in the sun and stay safe!