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Vandalism of Village Green Christmas Tree Lights

The Parish Council are devastated to report that 2 brand new sets of lights on the Village Green Christmas tree have ‘failed’ because of acts of pure vandalism.

After such a terrible year, the Councillors had really wanted to bring some Xmas cheer to the village – they arranged for a new safe mains power supply to be installed, and Councillors Trevor Eames and Alan Scholes, along with members of our community, spent hours installing the tree and decorating it.  When the lights failed after just 5 days, the Councillors rushed out to buy another set and hang them on the tree.  When the second set also failed after a few days, Councillor Scholes investigated and found that both sets of lights had been cut – which an electrician has confirmed is undoubtedly a deliberate act.  The Parish Council are at a loss as to why anyone would do this – when the lit tree was simply there to brighten up the village and bring some Xmas cheer.  As things stand we are unsure as to whether there is any point in replacing the lights again only for them to be vandalised in the same way.