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Tree Planting Project for 2020

The Parish Council are embarking on a tree-planting project. With increasing awareness of the impact of global warming on the environment, we have given some consideration to what we could do, as a local community, to try and make a difference. Clearly, anything we do will be a small contribution to a huge problem but we believe this is a case where every little counts. We are planning to source a wide range of sapling trees from the Woodlands Trust and will be offering free trees to residents of Dickens Heath to plant in their gardens in the Spring of 2020. We will also be planting additional trees around the village including on the perimeter of the village green. Mike Small, our newest Parish Councillor, who is coordinating the project, has already gained the support of the local Scout group and has a approached the Head Teacher of the school. If you are interested in this project and would like to get involved please contact us at the Library, by emailing dickensheathpc@hotmail.com or ringing 07772 469271 and Mike will be in touch.