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There’s No Such Thing As The Dog Poo Fairy

It is apparent we are experiencing a large amount of dog fouling at present. With the increase in dog ownership, it is only expected the level of dog fouling would increase.To help with putting some focus on this ‘foul’ issue, the Parish Council have purchased a number of campaign posters and bin stickers from the charity ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ to use in our village.You will see these when you are out and about. As a large area of Dickens Heath is owned by private developers we are limited where we can place these. Therefore if you are able to help and use one where you live i.e. side of a garage wall or garden wall etc, please do let us know.We will use some around the Village Green and hopefully around the School. In addition to this, we have been in contact with Solihull Council to understand their process. You may or may not be aware there is an online form (link below) where you can report dog fouling from council owned roads ad pavements.A team will come out to clean this up usually within 48hours. I know this may help where there has been a lot of fouling in one particular area or hot spot. However we understand when it is just a small amount, by the time someone may come out, the weather elements have discarded of the mess.Part of this form is focussed on reporting offenders too.https://solihullcouncil.custhelp.com/…/report_dog_foulingWith lighter mornings and nights coming and with modern doorbells giving you good video footage, this is where we can tackle this issue, by reporting and enforcement officers being able to issue fines.Please do what you can, whether that is reporting or using a poster and together we can try to reduce this level of unfortunate mess.Many thanks for your co-operation.Your Parish Council