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Statement from Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins and The Parish Council:


Last night’s parish council meeting saw a reprieve for Dickens Heath Library. Alison McGrory, Assistant Director at Solihull Council, agreed that Dickens Heath Library is a special case and more work needs to be done with the local community to ensure the opening hours meet the needs of the community. The council wants communities to think of libraries not just as a place, but as a building that has books that the community can use.

As well as 24 local residents, Borough Councillors Richard Holt and Ken Hawkins were present. All heard a smashing speech from a young resident about how he and his friends use the library after school and the proposed changes would stop that.

The Parish Council and Borough Councillors look forward to working with the Library Service and residents to ensure our library meets the needs of its growing community.

In the meantime, the two petitions will be presented to Solihull Council at its next meeting (Thursday 27 February). If you have not signed the hard copy you can do so at the parish council office or via the online petition (link attached).