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Residents Urged to report Anti Social Behaviour

With the weather warming up, Safer Solihull Partnership is urging residents to report the anti-social use of motorbikes, which can be experienced at this time of year.In the past, there have been instances of people driving motorbikes, scramblers and quads recklessly over the borough’s parks and open spaces, causing a nuisance and danger to others.Organisations within the Partnership including Solihull Council, Solihull Community Housing and Solihull Police, are continuing to clamp down on this type of behaviour and would like residents to contact them if they witness this type of behaviour.Councillor Alison Rolf, Cabinet Member for Safer & Stronger Communities, said: “We want people to get out and about this summer and enjoy the beautiful parks we have in Solihull.“Unfortunately, despite having a borough-wide ban on motor vehicle racing which includes off-road bikes, some people choose to ignore it.”When this does happen, we need local residents to tell us so that we can continue to take action. Please share descriptions of the bikes such as colour and make/model, and details of the riders. Any information about where they may be stored, plus photos and videos are also really useful.”Anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour (ASB) should call the ASB hotline on 0121 717 1500, the police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

People can also email bikeissues@solihullcommunityhousing.org.uk or go to https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/your-options/illegal-road-bikes-and-mini-motos to report any issues.