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Rebel Business School

Solihull council have an amazing opportunity coming up for residents of Solihull. The Rebel Business School are running a 10-day course for those people who may be interested in starting, or growing their own business. The course will provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to get their business (or idea) up and running.

The course is for people of all ages, but they must be Solihull residents. The course will take place on Zoom.

Please direct people to the following link, where they can register for the event, or find out more about it – https://therebelschool.com/solihull/

There is also an article about this event on BBP media, which can be found here – https://www.bbpmedia.co.uk/news/professionalservices/successful-female-entrepreneur-heads-to-solihull-to-boost.html?fbclid=IwAR2C996p8K9ADie8JvzcCtX6tiizVoLNX_wmcjPZYsBRX3P0OvAyfYGB09w