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Inconsiderate Parking & Tesco Car Park Landscaping

The Parish Council have now agreed with the previous owners of the Tesco Car Park for Landscaping Works to be carried out during February.

There are ongoing parking issues in both car parks. The Tesco car park is owned by the Parish Council and the Mortons Car Park is owned by DHMC, with neither organisation presently having enforcement powers. Car parks are tightly regulated, and to resolve these problems a managed scheme is being proposed. This managed scheme would cover both car parks, and other private parking in the central area, with all the necessary signage and marking to better regulate use.

Note. A new directly elected Board for the central area estate will shortly be taking over control of DHMC and the management policy from the Receivers. Once this is in place, the managed scheme for car parking can be taken forward, and will hopefully go some way to improving the parking problems.