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Dickens Heath Parish Council Acquire the 56 Space Tesco Car Park

Following the completion of their redevelopments in Dickens Heath, including Garden Square East, the developer Elegant Dickens Heath Village Ltd is winding up their ownership of certain property holdings in the village.

The Parish Council has acquired the freehold ownership of the 56 space surface car park off Gorcott Lane (the Tesco Car Park) from the present owners effective on 9th July 2021.

This safeguards the future of this large car park into public ownership by the Parish Council on behalf of the village community and will allow it to continue its important role in the village centre where parking facilities are of critical importance

The arrangement includes a schedule of remedial works to the car park area and a tidying up of the garden area to be carried out by the developer.

The car park will be renamed “Parish Council Car Park” and use will continue as at present subject to providing new signage and as a public body providing a new notice covering the Conditions of Use and the usual parking at owners’ risk notices.

The Parish Council will have no liability for any damage, theft or any claims made by any users of the car park but will be undertaking a review of the car park management arrangements to see if any improvements can be made.

The Parish Council freehold is legally conditioned to ensuring free access is maintained to the central Bin Waste Area together with the sub-station, fresh water pumping station and other Communal Service Facilities in the centre for both adjacent residents and servicing requirements at all times. Parking will therefore only be allowed in the designated bays and any obstruction to the central area will not be permitted.

The central service area is privately maintained and controlled by the overall Estate Manager, The Dickens Heath Management Company, office at 1 Main Street Dickens Heath. The Parish Council cannot deal with any issues arising from the use of those facilities or services and any maintenance aspects except where they may incur onto the car park area.

We can confirm the transfer of the car park comes at no cost to the Parish Council from Elegant Dickens Heath Village Ltd other than our own legal costs, new signage and the like and we are satisfied the parking area has very low ongoing maintenance costs that can be met from within Parish Council’s existing financial resources.