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Covid-19 Summary of Changes for Solihull as of Wednesday October 14th 2020

There are two important changes.

We can no longer meet anywhere indoors to socialise with people who are not members of our own household/support bubble. We can no longer meet people in pubs, restaurants or other social settings as well as not meeting in homes. It is lawful to look after children to enable parents to work and to perform unpaid essential tasks for a vulnerable person.

However, we can meet people from other households outside as long as we maintain a 2-metre distance and follow the rule of 6. We can therefore meet friends in our gardens as well as parks and indeed in pub/restaurant gardens. That is because the virus dissipates quickly outside. If we strictly follow these rules, we will prevent deaths and not have to shut down local business as is happening elsewhere.

Some answers to common questions:

If your child is sent home from school because another child has suspected Covid – you do not need to self-isolate. Your other children can continue at school unless told not to.

You can travel outside the Borough but you must follow the same rules as if you were in the Borough i.e. no socialising indoors, either in homes or pubs/restaurants etc.

You can have a tradesperson or cleaner come into your home to do work as long as you are symptom free. Keep well away from them, open windows to clear the air and if practical leave the room they have been in empty for several hours. The visitor should wear a mask and have cleaned their hands before entry.