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Update on the Village Green

After many months of negotiations, the Village Green finally transferred yesterday from the Liquidators into public hands. SMBC now own the land and the Parish Council have a temporary licence to occupy pending a long term lease.Parish Councillors Maureen Holloway and Nargis Rashid signed the documents on behalf of the PC and we heard the […]

Statement from Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins and The Parish Council:

DICKENS HEATH LIBRARY Last night’s parish council meeting saw a reprieve for Dickens Heath Library. Alison McGrory, Assistant Director at Solihull Council, agreed that Dickens Heath Library is a special case and more work needs to be done with the local community to ensure the opening hours meet the needs of the community. The council […]

Online Petition to Stop Cuts to Library Opening Hours

Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins has set up an online petition so that residents can sign to support retaining current opening hours at the Library. SMBC propose to cut the opening hours on Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons – full details in an earlier post. You can sign the petition at: https://www.change.org/p/solihull-metropolitan-borough-council-retain-dickens-heath-library-opening-hours?fbclid=IwAR3h1XOGdUWUEVNGfMT4YB34iTpwtgSwuAaNVSHMNDLOhssnH91QW9iwu_E

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