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Email: enquiries@dickensheathpc.org.uk

Update from our local Police

At around 21:30hrs on 05/04/17, we had a call from a Dickens Heath Resident that some hooded up youths, with scarves over their faces had been seen in the Waterside underground car park, looking into vehicles and acting suspiciously.

Officers from the local Police team were on patrol close by and attended the location within minutes. On the officers arrival, the Youths made off on bikes, refused to stop for officers, and then tried to lose officers by going into Clay Pitt Lane (No Through Lane for vehicles). Due to the local knowledge of officers, youths were located heading into Braggs Farm Lane. Youths searched and details obtained for Police Intelligence purposes, parents advised. No offences reported at this time.

Residents please be vigilant and ensure your vehicles are locked, alarmed and secure with no valuables left inside. Also please be alert of anyone tail gating you into the underground car parks.

Thank you.

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