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What can you do to protect yourself from ‘car-jacking’?

What can you do to protect yourself from ‘car-jacking’?


Many of the most effective measures you can take come from simply being aware of the problem, and of your surroundings.


  • Keep your doors locked and windows closed  – especially when stopping or when parked.
  • Don’t leave your keys unattended in the car even for just a few moments. In most cases, your insurance will not cover the theft of your vehicle in these circumstances.
  • If there are multiple lanes, and you’re going to be stopped at a junction or traffic lights, be aware of your surroundings and move your car into the lane away from the pavement if necessary.
  • Be wary when a stranger attempts to flag you down, especially in isolated areas or side roads.
  • Leave at least a vehicle and a half space between you and the car directly in front to give you enough space to quickly manoeuvre around the vehicle and make your way to safety.
  • If your car is nudged by another vehicle and you are suspicious of the intention of the other driver, do not stop, try to take the car details down and report the incident to the police. Some car-jacking gangs use the tactic of nudging a vehicle and then stealing the keys when the driver stops.
  • If attempts are made to steal your car, dial 999 and sound your horn to draw attention to your car.
  • When at home always check your car is locked before leaving it ‘check your fob has done its job’. Never leave your keys on view in your home.
  • Remember: non-confrontation is ALWAYS the best response.

One option is to have a Thatcham approved tracker system fitted to your vehicle. Typically, you could expect to pay a fee for the installation of the device, plus a monthly service charge or annual service charge. However these devices can be moved vehicle to vehicle.

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