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Update on Youth Group

The Parish Council are very aware that following the announcement of the sale of the Parish Rooms, the subsequent news that the Youth Group would have to close has met with a great deal of anger and frustration from residents. The Parish Councillors have worked hard to try to identify an alternative location for the young people to meet, but it is clear that this could not be resolved in the near future. The Parish Council always try to take on board the views of the community and have no wish to let the young people of Dickens Heath down.

We have therefore been in touch with the Youth Group leaders and suggested the following way forward:

– the Youth Group continue to meet in the Parish Rooms until they are sold.
– the Parish Council will work with Solihull MBC to identify a suitable alternative location for the future.
– contrary to rumours none of the Youth Group equipment has been disposed of

We are pleased to say that the Youth Group leader has indicated a willingness to continue on this basis, and therefore we look forward to welcoming the Youth Group back to the Parish Rooms in September.

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