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Update On Village Green and playground June 2019

Negotiations with the liquidators are progressing well and Solihull MBC propose to take back ownership of the village green and then lease it to the Parish Council for 125 years. A report is due to go to SMBC cabinet on July 10th 2019 and, if approved, the process for SMBC to take ownership of the land will begin a week later. By law, SMBC are required to advertise any disposal of land, and the lease of the Village Green to the Parish Council is no exception. So don’t be alarmed if you see these adverts-the village green is not up for sale, and is still protected by covenant as a public open space. SMBC will have to consider any responses to the adverts before progressing with their proposal to lease the Village Green to the Parish Council. So, we await the decision of SMBC-but all looks very promising.

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