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Update on Future Building in Dickens Heath

There is disappointing news with regard to proposals for future development in Blythe:
The Solihull Local Plan (SLP) was adopted by Solihull MBC at the end of 2013, and this stated that the 2 sites in Dickens Heath that were earmarked for development – Braggs Farm Lane and Cleobury Lane – should be developed in 5 and 10 years time.  Planning applications for these sites were therefore refused in January 2014 – on the basis that they were premature.
However, there has been a Judicial Review into the SLP following an appeal from developers Gallagher Homes and Lioncourt Homes, with respect to 2 sites in Tidbury Green that were returned to Green Belt in the SLP.  In the Judicial Review, the judge  was critical of the Planning Inspector who signed off the SLP – in terms of the decision to return the Tidbury Green sites to the Green Belt, and in allowing Solihull to adjust their requirement for a 5 year housing supply from 4,526 homes to 3,847 homes.
Solihull MBC have been refused leave to appeal against this judgement.  They are appealing against this decision, but it will take weeks.  In the meantime, they do not have their 5 year housing land supply, and so the developers have resubmitted their planning applications to develop at Braggs Farm Lane and Cleobury Lane.  Solihull MBC have been deemed to be more than 400 houses short in their 5 year supply, and unfortunately it seems likely at this stage that the 2 Dickens Heath sites, plus the Mount Dairy Farm site at Cheswick Green will be brought forward to bridge the gap.


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