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Tips To Help Make Your Belongings And Home More Secure

It looks like we’re in for a chilly weekend so why not take the opportunity to do something about your home security by registering your belongings – especially the new stuff you or your family have had for Christmas – by registering them on immobilise.com?

Immobilise is the UK’s FREE property registration database and is used by the police to trace stolen or recovered property.  Any items can be registered on the system, including mobile devices, computers, TV and other electronic equipment, bicycles and motorbikes; even cars, jewellery and antiques can be registered with the facility to upload identifying photographs.  It only takes a few minutes to register your valuables and you will be improving your chances of getting them back in the case of loss or theft as well as assisting the police.  It can also be used by businesses.

Marking your property with a good old fashioned ultra-violet marker pen is another easy and cost-effective way of protecting your valuables.  Pens are available to buy online, or contact your neighbourhood policing team to see if they have a pen they can give you.
Use the invisible ink to write your postcode and house number onto valuables.

There are a number of specialist property registration schemes available for bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, cars and most other things you can think of (including horses!).
A simple web search will turn them up or visit the Secured By Design website for police-approved products.

Always secure your pedal or motorcycle with a good quality lock and consider physical security devices such as steering wheel locks and wheel clamps for cars, vans and caravans.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for worthwhile things to do during what is likely to be a pretty drab weekend.  For more detailed or personalised advice visit the West Midlands Police website or contact your neighbourhood policing team.

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