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Street Associations

If you’ve ever felt your street could do with more community spirit, here’s the answer: why not check out Street Associations?

Yes – they’re literally an association for a street! Boring? Not at all. Their strap line – ‘friendship : fun : belonging : a helping hand’ – says it all. This is a really relaxed and positive way of bringing neighbours together, forming real community, generating friendships and fun activity for all ages – and making sure that people in the street who are isolated or could do with help with a bit of shopping or a lift to hospital are drawn into a caring network of people who really support each other.

You can get more information from http://www.streetassociations.org, where there’s a video that shows two Street Associations in action, or you can phone Martin or Gina on 0121 427 3300 and they’ll be really pleased to talk it over with you and help you get things going if you think it’s a good idea.

A nicer atmosphere for kids to grow up in; the generations mixing together; different ethnic groups coming together; lots of fun activities such as a barbecue, quiz night, country walk, trip to the movies; a smile on the face of people who thought they were forgotten. What’s not to like?

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