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Solihull MBC Proposal for Prohibition of Driving on Braggs Farm Lane and Parking Restrictions on Dickens Heath Rd

Representatives from Dickens Heath Parish Council have met with Borough Ward Councillor Ken Hawkins to discuss proposals from Solihull Council’s Highway Department to establish additional parking restrictions on Dickens Heath Road and an experimental closure of Braggs Farm Lane.

Both Dickens Heath Parish Council and Ken Hawkins support the call for additional parking restrictions on Dickens Heath Road, between Meadow Pleck Lane and Calcutt Way. The measures are appropriate and will allow traffic to flow more easily through an area that has become a bottle neck.

The closure of Braggs Farm Lane is a different issue, and even though the proposal was a closure of the lane for six months whilst a full survey and consultation was to take place, the effect on the wider issues in the Village need to be understood. There is already serious traffic congestion in the Village and a full traffic impact assessment is called for. We therefore do not support the closure (albeit a temporary experimental one) of Braggs Farm Lane.

We would like a traffic impact assessment to look at the existing traffic problems, especially at peak times, and identify ways in which this can be addressed. It is important that existing developments in nearby Tidbury Green, which will realise an additional 400 homes in the area, are considered and how they and any proposals within the Local Development Plan Review will also impact on an already serious problem.

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