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Parish Council Object to Planning Application PL/2018/01167/VAR to Remove Parking Spaces in Garden Square East

Dickens Heath Parish Council wish to object to this planning application and the loss of a potential 15 parking spaces in order to create a garden area.  The lack of car parking space in the centre of Dickens Heath is an issue over which the Parish Council gets many complaints, and has been a problem for many years.  The Parish Council do not want to see the problem get even worse.
Some of the more pressing problems include:
  • Central car park spaces have been lost with the recent village centre developments being allocated some of these spaces
  • Village centre businesses are struggling because their customers cannot park
  • Main St residents have no dedicated parking spaces at all
  • Visitors to the Village Hall, library and doctors struggle to park
  • The planning application states that 1 bed apartments in Garden Square East have been allocated 1 space – but many will be couples with 2 cars
  • Where do any visitors to Garden Squares park?
The Parish Council strongly believe that retaining these 15 parking spaces will at least help to alleviate some of the pressures on parking – which are bound to worsen when all of this new development is fully occupied.

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