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Neighbourhood Plan Update

At January’s meeting, the Parish Council had agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan Committee should become a formal committee of the Parish Council – so it would adhere to the Council’s standing orders, be clerked and minutes would be published.  The PC also agreed that Councillor Jill Lovett would be the Chair of this new Committee.
The deadline for responses to the Solihull Local Plan consultation was last Friday, and the Parish Council feel that no further work on the Neighbourhood Plan can take place until there is feedback from SMBC on the responses that they have received to the consultation.  The Parish Council have therefore decided to take a break from the Neighbourhood Plan while SMBC assimilates the consultation responses.
In the meantime, Councillor Jill Lovett is happy to speak to anyone who has any queries about the Neighbourhood Plan, and it will remain an agenda item for Parish Council meetings – to which all are welcome to attend.
We are hoping that in a couple of months time, the new Neighbourhood Plan Committee will be able to start afresh armed with all the most up to date information from SMBC.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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