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Important Dickens Heath Public Transport Survey for a Better Bus Service

Important Dickens Heath Public Transport Survey for a Better Bus Service

The Foundation for Integrated Transport is doing a study on Six New Settlements in England including Cranbrook near Exeter, Poundbury near Dorchester and Dickens Heath to find out how people use transport. Importantly the results of which could be very helpful in improving residents access to the bus service from all parts of our village.

Dickens Heath Parish Council are keen to see the S3 Bus Service better serve a greater area of the especially those living some distance from the present S3 Bus Stops that terminate at Dickens Heath at Boundary Lane. Initial representations have already been submitted to Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) that replaced Centro for the village terminus last stops to be moved up to Old Dickens Heath Road.

The present S3 Bus is a subsidised service with recent improvements funded by Developers for a five year period by which time it needs to be viable as a commercial service but that wont happen unless it is both reliable and easily accessible for the whole community.

Gaining practical information is essential in making a case for improvements and this survey which takes only a few minutes will greatly help.

Please take time out even if you don’t currently use the Bus or only occasionally by 15th May 2017 – click on the link below and feel free to forward this Email onto your local village contacts.



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