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Important Consultation on Changes to Bus Services

Subsidised Bus Services in Solihull are Changing – S2 and S3 Route Changes

All of the bus services in Solihull that are subsidised by Transport for West
Midlands are being reviewed at the end of the present 5 year
contract with Diamond. The public consultation ends on 14th October with
the new services planned to start from 23rd February 2019.
Copies of the full online consultation documents can be found from the following link

Paper copies will be available at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday October 9th 2018 at 7.15pm

Councillor Trevor Eames has summarised some of the proposals:

There is a big issue with all the options suggested that would replace the S2 & S3 routes to
Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and beyond.
Drawbacks – Proposed S2 West Shirley Circular replaces S3 from Shirley Station – Wythall
Tidbury Green – Dickens Heath – Cheswick Green – Stratford Road – Shirley & Shirley Station.
There is no service at all for Stretton Road – Shakespeare Drive or Bills Lane into Shirley.
For Solihull there is a need to change bus in Shirley Centre and a loss of any service to the large
community including many elderly residents on the Woodlands Estate around Light Hall School.
There is also a lengthy journey from growing population centres at Dickens Heath to the Shirley
interchange which all combine to make this proposal an unviable option.

Shirley Circular replacing S3 – based on a half hour service to Dickens
Heath short route Shirley Station – Haslucks Green Road – Stratford Road –
Church Road – Bills Lane – Shakespeare Drive – Hathaway Road – Stretton
Road – Tanworth Lane – Dickens Heath Road to Dickens Heath & return.
The Longer full circle hourly route is Shirley Station – Whitlocks End Station
– Wythall Station – Tidbury Green – Dickens Heath then as above back to Shirley Station.
This provides the same service as now from Dickens Heath into Shirley Centre and a better link
to its Parkgate shopping centre and Shirley Station with its 20 minute train service into
Birmingham & beyond – but it would mean a bus change to Solihull in Shirley.
Note – none of these changes affect the existing school bus services out to the village areas.


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