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Email: enquiries@dickensheathpc.org.uk

Homelessness In Solihull

Homelessness in Solihull


Do you know about someone who is sleeping on the streets or somewhere that is not suitable or safe?  


It is important that you call

Solihull Community Housing (24 hrs)

0121 717 1515

Ask for the Housing Options Team


Even if you have not spoken to them, we need to know where rough sleepers are so we can offer them help, especially during cold weather


Solihull Community Housing:

  • offer advice and assistance,
  • link people into the specialist support they need
  • may be able to provide temporary accommodation
  • provide all rough sleepers with emergency accommodation when it is below zero degrees


We aim to prevent harm and loss of life and to reduce the number of people rough sleeping on the streets


Please fill in this form if you know anyone who is sleeping rough



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