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Help Us Try To Safeguard The Village Green

The village green and playground currently have a covenant on them which prevents development without the permission of SMBC. The Parish Council wish to register this land formally as a village green in order to further protect it for the community for the future. In order to do this we need evidence that it has been ‘freely used’ by members of the community for at least 20 years. The best way we can do this is for as many residents as possible to fill in the following survey. If you know of any residents who don’t have access to an online survey we are happy to post out a paper copy. If anybody has any photo’s of community use of the village green going back 10-20 years, or even further, and you would be prepared to let us have a copy-that would really help our case. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel may be able to help.

Thank you

Village Green Survey Link

Helen Marczak
Clerk, Dickens Heath Parish Council

Address: 1 Wharf House, Waterside, Dickens Heath, B90 1UE Tel: 07772 469271 

Email: dickensheathpc@hotmail.com


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