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Has Your Property Been Flooded?

Solihull MBC is the Lead Local Flood Authority for this area and officers have been out in Dickens Heath inspecting the flood sites and speaking to residents who have been affected.  The Parish Council will be assisting by passing on as much information about the flooding as possible.  In particular, SMBC have asked us to do 2 things:

  • to appeal for anyone who has been affected by the floods to fill in SMBC’s flood survey form – which will give them information to assess where the water came from and how this can be used to plan future flood defenses.     The link for this is  http://www.solihull.gov.uk/flood
  • to ask if anyone is aware of vulnerable residents who may need the assistance of SMBC – maybe because they are elderly, don’t have anyone to help them or may be uninsured.

If you have any questions or any further information relating to flooding – please call SMBC on 0121 704 8004 or email drainage@solihull.gov.uk.

Any photos or videos of the flood can also be sent to drainage@solihull.gov.uk.

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