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Further Update on Playground

Price Waterhouse Coopers have got back to us and clarified their position on the ownership of the playground.  Price Waterhouse Coopers are actually the liquidators of Parkridge Holdings, not the Receivers.  They have been advised recently that the Receivers intend to ‘vacate office’ in the near future.  At this point the liquidators will take control of the remaining assets.  PwC are encouraging their vacation of office, but they have no control over when it happens.  PwC are aware that some land (which they believe includes the playground & Village Green) would need to be dealt with when the Receivers vacate office.  PwC confirm that they will look at this matter as a priority once the Receivers have vacated office & PwC have control of the remaining assets.  It is a step forward that we now have a dialogue with the liquidators – and the Parish Council will consider any next steps at their meeting on Tuesday July 10th at 7.15pm.

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