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Flooding at Waterside – a Report from Solihull MBC Officers

Flooding at Waterside – a Report from Solihull MBC Officers

The flooding was caused by a high level of rainfall, falling on already sodden ground – which then flowed towards the culvert, carrying with it debris. The current grill at the entrance to the culvert is a vertical one and can block quickly. Although it is inspected regularly by Redrow and Solihull MBC, it did block very quickly. A new grill to the culvert is to be installed– with a rising and covered grid. Any debris will be forced on to the top of the grill – so that water can pass below, and debris will not be able to fall in. This will be regularly inspected and cleansed by SMBC, and inspected by Redrow. The new grill has been approved for installation in March/April 2013.

These improvements will have to be made before there is any more development. Any new development will have to be designed with the inclusion of attenuation, the ability to hold back water – so that there is no additional flow of water from such development. ie. the run off from a new developed site must be no worse than in its undeveloped state.

For the proposed development at Griffin Lane, the developer still needs to get technical planning approval. Taylor Wimpey is working closely with SMBC, and SMBC will continue to monitor the flooding works.

The current culvert will be improved in order to minimise the risk of future flooding (the culvert redesign is currently being approved) and any future development will not make it any worse. If there is a point at which the culvert will not cope, SMBC will insist that a second culvert is built as part of new development.


Residents expressed scepticism that the current grill has been regularly checked. Jim Harte of SMBC accepted that there has been a communication problem. Redrow is the land owner and is responsible for maintaining the water courses, and SMBC should make sure that they do it. If heavy rain is expected, SMBC will come out and check the grill and culvert.

Residents asked who the responsible body would be for monitoring the Griffin Lane development – this will have to be established.

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