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Disc Lock Discount/Car Crime Information

Some information sent to us from the Police which may be useful due to car crime in the area:

Disc lock discount

Careful drivers ensure they lock their cars before they leave them and check their fob has done its job.

But we’re starting to see a spate of keyless thefts across the region and would ask you to take a moment to consider how you can protect your vehicle.

One of the most effective ways to stop someone stealing your vehicle (keyless or not) is to use a wheel lock. That way even if thieves manage to open your car door they won’t be able to drive your vehicle away.

You can buy a steering wheel lock from a number of places, but we’ve partnered with Disklock, who are offering a 15 per cent discount on their products exclusively to drivers in the West Midlands Police area.

Ordering is simple – just log onto http://www.disklokuk.co.uk/ and enter the code wmpolice15 at the checkout.

For more tips on how to keep your vehicle safe this winter see our website


Stay safe and take care.

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