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Coventry, Solihull And Warwickshire Superfast Broadband Update

Bringing faster broadband to our rural areas

Project Update October 2017

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Over 59,000 properties able to connect to the fibre network

Topics in this edition:

Contract 2, Wave 8 announced

New mapping, including Contract 3, now live

Local Full Fibre Networks

Become a Local Broadband Champion

Calling all parish councils!

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Questions and Answers


Contract 2, Wave 8 announced

Wave 8 of Contract 2 has been announced, with some of the oldest and smallest river-side communities in Warwickshire, which used to rely on the waterways to help them stay connected, being among the next areas to benefit from the CSW Broadband roll-out of high-speed fibre broadband.

Parts of Barton and Dunnington on the River Avon, Hunningham and Wappenbury on the River Leam, and parts of Pillerton Hersey near the River Dene, will be among the next communities getting access to the technology for the first time.

This part of the CSW Broadband roll-out will also take in areas of Bourton-on-Dunsmore and Dorsington – both of which were listed in the Domesday Book – as well as the Back Lane and Shirley Lane areas of Flint’s Green, near Meriden.

For details of all areas included in Wave 8, please visit the latest map and the Rolling 12-Month Plan.

Engineers from BT Openreach will begin the upgrades in the next few months, and the first households and businesses will start to go ‘live’ in the new year.

Openreach uses its existing underground ducting wherever possible, minimising disruption and the need to dig up roads and pavements.

New mapping, including Contract 3 now live

As regular readers will know, our mapping has come a long way over the lifetime of the project. We have now launched our latest map, which includes:

Area-level information – given at postcode level:

·        Different shades of green, from dark green (fully covered before 2020) to very light green (less than 20% covered before 2020)

·        As we get further into the project, postcode mapping becomes less specific. This is because telecoms infrastructure does not follow postcodes, so parts of many postcode areas are likely to have some work carried out in them, although this may not be full coverage at superfast speeds or above

·        As you zoom into the map, some areas change to satellite photo-images, whilst others remain in map form. We have tried to provide satellite photo-images in the areas where there is expected to be full coverage before 2020. This is to enable viewers to see the property-level detail more clearly.

Property-level information indicates:

·        No symbol on your property – this means that superfast broadband may be available to you now

·        Purple Star (In Progress) – work is underway as part of Contract 2

·        Blue Star (Awaiting Detailed Survey) – your property is in an area that is currently under investigation for Contract 2

·        Yellow Star (Under Investigation) – these properties are under investigation for Contract 3

·        Purple Pentagon (Under Review) – coverage to be provided by an independent provider. These areas will be kept under review

·        Red Pentagon (Awaiting Funding) – your property is in an area that is awaiting further funding

·        Amber Triangle (Unknown) – in some cases, the information held by the commercial providers is incomplete or not up to date, and premises may be shown as unknown. We are working to gather more data on these areas.

As always, our mapping is a work in progress. The map is based on the most recent Ordnance Survey information, so may not include newer developments. The information about coverage or future rollout is derived from information provided by many different broadband suppliers. However, because the information about other providers’ rollout is given in commercial confidence, we are not able to give additional information.

We will continue to refine our mapping processes.

Local Full Fibre Networks

On 3rd September there was an announcement about Local Full Fibre Networks and that Coventry and Warwickshire are to be one of six national pilots. At the time of writing we have no further information on this, and will include any updates in future newsletters. To register for the project newsletters, and to be advised directly on progress in your area, please visit www.cswbroadband.org.uk/register

Become a Local Broadband Champion

We have found that keeping residents informed is the best way to drive take-up of the service once it is live. Timely information also helps to minimise any problems caused by disruption when Openreach starts to dig up the roads in an area. If people understand what the benefits will be then they are more likely to put up with temporary disruption.

Also, knowing that superfast (or even faster) broadband is coming helps to offset the inevitable frustrations caused by waiting for information to download on a slow connection.

We have a network of over 200 Community Champions covering many parts of the project area. However, there are still gaps to be filled, particularly in Solihull and Coventry.

We are looking for people who live and/or work within our local communities to help us raise awareness of the social and economic benefits of broadband for local families and businesses and to inform them of when it will be available. This voluntary role can include any/all of the following:

·        Putting posters up on local notice boards

·        Delivering flyers to households

·        Working alongside local parish councils

·        Posting updates to local social networking pages

·        Forwarding project news onto local contacts

·        Posting updates to village websites

·        Providing updates to local newsletters/magazines

·        Advising the CSW Broadband team of any particular issues in your area

We will provide regular copy to go into newsletters and onto websites.

This is a worthwhile and rewarding role, and will enable you to get right to the heart of what is happening with broadband in your area. To learn more, please visit our Local Broadband Champions page.

Calling all parish councils!

Parish councils are community leaders and have responsibility for the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their areas.

Are you a parish council in an area that is to be covered under Contract 2 or Contract 3? If so, then it is likely that you will shortly be receiving enquiries from residents as to what this all means for them. In the first instance, all enquiries should be directed to: broadband@cswbroadband.org.uk

Parish councils can also help the project by including our monthly updates in newsletters and on websites. Copy is available to download from our website

We also have many individual parish councillors who have registered as Local Broadband Community Champions. It is a great way to really help your local community to get the best from the broadband rollout.

What would help you, as a parish council, to keep your residents informed about the broadband rollout?


Please drop us an email to broadband@cswbroadband.org.uk, and we’ll develop a plan that incorporates as many of the suggestions as possible.

Copy for your own website or newsletter

We have short articles of around 300 words that can be downloaded to use in your own newsletters of on websites. These are updated monthly.

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the Q&A’s raised recently. Our website has a full set of Q&As, which are regularly updated.

What is the difference between superfast and ultrafast broadband?

For contracts 1 and 2 superfast broadband was defined as 24Mbps or above. For contracts signed since January 2017 superfast is defined, as per EU requirements, as 30Mbps or above. Superfast broadband may be delivered using a range of different technologies.

Ultrafast is defined as speeds of over 100Mbps. This is usually delivered using Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) technology, so may not be available in all areas. Even if you have an ultrafast connection, you will still have a wide choice of packages available so can choice options to suit your pocket.

Is the modelling for the CSW Broadband Project and the commercial rollout available publicly? 

No. The modelling will include information that is owned by BT and other providers and is commercially sensitive so that whilst the rollout areas are visible the underlying data is not.

There is lots of jargon involved in broadband – where can I find out what the terms and abbreviations mean?

Go to the ‘Jargon Buster’ section on our website.

You can find more frequently asked broadband questions on our website.

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