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Action on Slippery Moss Covered Block Paving

Many residents have complained about slipping on the block paving on the roundabouts this year. SMBC acknowledge that it is a totally unsuitable surface, but don’t have the funds to replace it. The Parish Council and SMBC have agreed a way to manage the situation. There will be a one off deep cleanse of the paving, followed by an antifungal treatment – with the PC making a partial contribution towards this one off cost. Following this, manual brushing will be required once a month to keep on top of the problem. As SMBC have no additional funds, once a month SMBC staff will be diverted from their weekly litter pick to instead clean the block paving, as this is a safety issue. In terms of litter, national standards are far exceeded in Dickens Heath, and this decision is not expected to result in litter deteriorating below Government standards. The Parish Council have also agreed to fund additional hours for their own litter picker which will bridge this gap.

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