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Remembrance Day

There will be the Remembrance Sunday Service on November 11th at 10.50am by the memorial (opposite Tesco and the library).
And there are also the details of the road closures as follows:
Proposed Temporary Road Closures for Remembrance Sunday Service
Dickens Heath Parish Council have applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to close the road listed below during the Remembrance Sunday Service as follows:
* Dickens Heath Road (between the junction with Main St/Hensborough and the island which goes out to Tidbury Green)
The closures are planned for Sunday 11th November 2018 between the times of 10.30am – 11.45am
The road will be fully closed. Access will be maintained for emergency services at all times in all parts of the street.
If you have any comments, queries or objections about this proposal, please contact us on 07772 469271 or contact Rob Gamwell of Solihull MBC’s Highway Services on 0121 704 8213.

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