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Message for BMW owners
This is a message sent via WMNow. This information has been sent on behalf of West Mids Police

Overnight Sunday 26 into Monday 27 November 2017, four unusual offences occurred in the Shirley area of Solihull, involving BMW cars being entered and property stolen.

The unusual element of the offence is the property that was stolen from within each vehicle.

Frankholme Drive – Logo badge stolen from steering wheel

Welham Croft – Leather logo stolen from steering wheel

Tilesford Close – Logo badge stolen from centre of the steering wheel

You see the pattern?

Now, the observant of you shall notice that there are only three offences listed above.

The fourth occurred in Bretshall Close, where the steering wheel air bag was stolen and also the gear stick unit (gear stick left in place)!

All four vehicles had been left on the Sunday night by their owners, locked and secured.

All four vehicles were discovered unlocked on the Monday morning, minus the bits mentioned above.

Should anyone have any information in relation to any of these offences, or wish to report any,now considered to be, suspicious behaviour they may have witnessed that night/morning, please contact West Midlands Police via 101.

Thank you for reading.

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