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Anti Social Behaviour

Following a recent incident where young people have been behaving inappropriately, loitering and possibly taking illegal substances, we have had this feedback from a resident giving details about what the police have said:

1. Police

The police have this taken this seriously.


They have said that you and the other owner/tenants must report any incident that happens however small, immediately on one of the following numbers:
Non emergency number of  0345 1135000
If they are in the block ring 101 to get an officer out
If they are abusive ring straight through to 999 to get an officer out
Also e mail all incidents through to : blythe@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk
Contact point is The Blythe Neighbourhood Team- Sgt Mike Lloyd, collar number 5259. There are 6 police within the team so if they get a call or e mail, they will try and pop over.
This is classed as anti-social behaviour, and the sooner it gets nipped in the bud the better.
The more people who report incidents, the better.


2. Barbara at The Management Company
Barbara confirmed that there is 24 hour security, she said if anyone spots these boys again to report it immediately to them and she will try and get someone out. Barbara is also going to check the security cameras from last night to see if she can spot anything.
3. Shepherds and Smart Homes – I reported the problem to both letting agencies.

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