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Successful Bids from Community Chest Fund

At the recent Annual Parish Meeting, the Parish Council were delighted to announce the successful applications for Community Chest funds.  This is a new initiative for 2018, with a total budget of £3,000.  5 applications were received.  As these applications were for a total of £2,400, the Parish Council agreed that all should be approved.  The following community organisations will be receiving funds:

  • Dickens Heath Scouts  –  £500 towards a camping trailer
  • Dickens Heath Sports Club  –  £500 towards a wicket cover
  • Table Tennis Club  –  £400 for a new table tennis table
  • Scanlon School of Irish Dancing  –  £500 towards a portable dancing floor
  • Fiveway Cafe  –  £500 for games, and art, sports & cooking resources

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