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Daily Archives: March 14, 2017

Work To Oak Tree

Date: 13th March 2017 – Application Number: 2017/00597 – Location: 6 Meadow Pleck Lane, Dickens Heath, B90 1SN – Proposal: Lift and reduce crown of 1 No. oak tree by 30% (T27)

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Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan ( wishes to remain unnamed) towed van out of ditch on Rumbush Lane on Sunday. The van had slipped at an angle into a muddy verge and was unable to drive out. The van had blocked the road, as cars had legally parked for football clubs meetings opposite. Rumbush Lane had come to […]

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Thank you To The Management Team And Police

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Thanks to the DH management team and local Police for their swift action of a suspicious item taped to the underside of a bench at Waterside. Dickens Heath security investigated in the first instance and followed by calling the Police to attend, which they did quickly.  The suspicious package turned out to be a latest […]

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